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Conquer the Crave is a unique physician supervised weight loss program. Our one of a kind system was specifically designed to help you lose weight safely and rapidly and to keep it off. Whether you want to simply look and feel better or lose weight for a wedding or other event, the first step is to call our office and schedule a consultation. We help you lose pounds and inches!

At Conquer the Crave, we are determined and motivated when it comes to helping you lose weight. You will be just as motivated and excited after your first visit with a Conquer the Crave weight loss consultant; because you will realize that you have finally discovered a real and lasting solution to your weight loss goals.

Get to Know Conquer the Crave:

Our philosophy is simple; treat every client as an individual with unique life circumstances and weight loss needs. That is why the Conquer the Crave program never uses a “one size fits all” approach to weight reduction. Your experienced CTC physician will review your pertinent medical data, and then formulate a customized treatment plan that’s best suited for you. Conquer the Crave has several different plans with options to help meet or exceed your particular weight loss goals!

We know how you feel when you try to lose weight and cannot, we know how frustrating yo-yo dieting can be, and we know the disappointment that you can experience when you ultimately regain the weight.

Maintenance of your new weight is as critical as losing it in the first place. That is why we have a rational maintenance phase approach that allows you to comfortably enjoy real whole foods, protein, fats and even carbs!

At Conquer the Crave, we don’t play the blame game. We do, however, offer you the opportunity to regain control of your health and appearance. We want you to succeed and join the many satisfied Conquer the Crave clients who have transformed not only their bodies, but also their relationship to food. You deserve to have the energy, vitality and confidence that you used to. You can do this!

Contact Conquer the Crave®  today at 516-295-7400 to schedule a consultation to discover which plan is right for you. *Ask about acupuncture weight loss!



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